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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
That's a delusion. The title of this thread is a joke. There are already liars, cheaters, scumbags, racists, etc, in the Hall of Fame. Just one more reason why I don't take any of this argument against the latest "crop" seriously. It's completely hypocritical. Your precious Hall of Fame has been tainted for generations.
The character flaws among current Hall of Famers is a bit exaggerated and taken out of context.

For example, a writer working on a new biography of Ty Cobb claims Al Stump distorted Ty Cobb's dark side for personal profit. Cobb died before Stump finished the book. While Cobb had a reputation, the worst stuff didn't come out until the Stump-written autobiography, and later in a magizine article and book written by stump (later adapted for the screen) written by Stump. Meanwhile, Stump is alleged to sold Ty Cobb memorabilia that he found at yard sales. At the time of the first Hall of Fame vote, Cobb was considered a role model as a baseball player although he was flawed as a person. If it was believed by most Americans at the time that he killed a man in Detroit, he wouldn't have been elected to the Hall fo Fame.

When you are looking at scumbags in the Hall of Fame, you are looking at them with standards that have changed since their election. Cap Anson was a racist who worked to keep baseball white, but at the time of his election to the Hall of Fame, major league baseball was white. (By the way, Cobb not only was not only not a member of the KKK, as many believe, but he said late in his life that he had no problem with baseball being integrated.)

You can look back at current members of the Hall of Fame and say it is likely Babe Ruth was using cocaine as a stimulant, but when he died, he remained a national treasure. It isn't like no one knew or cared about Barry Bonds and Rafael Palmeiro enhancing their performance drugs by the end of their careers.

Performance-enchancing drugs is considered by baseball and the public to be a major concern. Many in the public believe baseball isn't concerned enough. There is a huge difference between electing someone to the Hall of Fame whose legend might night age well and electing someone that America believes cheated.
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