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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
I don't even really care about the Hall of Fame. It's just how PEDs are viewed is what amuses me. It's kinda ridiculous. They've become part of the competition now. Things have changed, nothing stays static. Fans may not like it, but that's really of no difference. They paid to see those home runs. They paid to see Ripken break Gehrig's record. They wanted to see those things happen, they got it. Thanks in part to PEDs. People are fooling themselves if they believe players of eras before PEDs really came into existence wouldn't be using them. Of course they would.

Is it an ugly truth? Maybe. But they're professional athletes, it's a choice that comes with the job, along with multitudes of other choices that may or may not increase their chances of staying competitive.
Here's the line that Barry Bonds put up in 1998, allegedly his last clean year: .303/.438/.609, 37 homers, 28 steals, 130 walks, 122 RBI. Yet all the fans and writers cared about was McGwire and Sosa, two guys who were half the players that Bonds was. McGwire didn't even hide his Andro use - check out this article from August 1998 on the subject. And if you scroll down to the bottom of the article, and see the related stories links, there's a link for a poll which shows that "fans want to see someone smash Maris' mark." We didn't care at all about steroids back then.

IMO, Barry Bonds' decision to start using made complete sense given the circumstances. I also think that if this issue had existed during any previous era, you'd have many of the players jumping on board.

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