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I for one will miss aj. The guy was a gamer and played hard. I loved his honesty when asked questions, and know that it caused problems sometimes. I like those problems, it gets it out rather than fester and be worse. He'll always be one of my fav sox catchers. The memories of just always playing the game hard are what I like. Was he the greatest defensive or offensive catcher? No. But his quick wits and intelligence on the field were amazing. He'll make a great manager for sure.
That being said, his age meant it was time to move on. It catches up with you. He's right about the girlfriends not being on the road. He's right that gets do deserve a little more privileges due to not needing as many reps nor able to handle it with a 162 game schedule.
Time to move on, but thanks for the for the great ride.
And if someone wants to say chi-town, who cares? It's a little nuts to pick that as a critique.

And as for peavy, I'd take 8 aj's over 1 peavy any day.
Do the white sox know that it is Designated Hitter, not Designated Out?
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