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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Ozzie didn't use him much differently than Oakland had used him the previous couple seasons; he played about a quarter of his games at CF and about half the time at the top of the order just like with the Sox. In fact, he actually started more games in center the year before with the A's. Swisher just crapped his pants with the Sox for one reason or another.
Nick Swisher became the regular center fielder, more or less, for the 2007 A's after Mark Kotsay went down. If Swisher had not established himself as a center fielder, I don't know that the White Sox would have traded for him. The trade was made after the Sox failed to sign Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand to play center. Kenny Williams said in the trade-announcement news conference that Swisher was obtained as a center fielder who could play other positions. About two weeks later, the Sox signed Alexei Ramirez, who ended up starting in center on opening day. But Ramirez ended up on the infield. Swisher was the leadoff man becuase he had a strong on-base percentage with the A's, which didn't mean anything because he wasn't leading off for the A's.

The White Sox never should have traded for Swisher. Perhaps if Kotsay had remained healthy, the Sox never would have traded for Swisher. And maybe the A's wouldn't have let Kotsay go.
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