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It's so tough to compare the years. Just off the top of my head, the following impact the staffs numbers immensely:
Height of the mound
The DH (except for ours)
Training and diet (both in season and off season)
The steroids
The field conditions
Specialty relievers

It's all so subjective, but out me in the camp of the 2005 guys. Not because so recent, but because 99 wins, 11-1 when it counted, and the fact our bullpen barely met the angels, and the idea that MB got the save in game three 2(.5ish) days later is unreal to me. When El Duque was our #5 starter and "pulled magic out the hat" in Boston, I've got them #1. They were the most clutch staff IMO when it mattered. If you don't win it all, I don't see how you're anything but a failure. I loved the 83 and 93 sox, but in the end they failed. Give me guys who perform when the pressure and bright lights are on any day of the week.
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