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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Sorry, to clarify a couple things from my original post, I have a bad feeling about both Quintana and Floyd honestly. Floyd's lack of confidence and diminishing control, I just have a gut feeling this is the year it catches up to him and he has an ERA in the 5s. Quintana scares the crap out of me. A soft tossing lefty without great movement or great location, he got the snot kicked out of him the 2nd time teams saw him. I don't think he lasts. If anything, I am more excited about Santiago than I am Quintana. Atleast Santiago has a plus pitch.

The bullpen, I think it has some quality arms, but its thin. I see another year of overuse by Ventura.
Well I will take 5 years of data that says he is a pitcher with an ERA just a tick over 4 over your gut feeling.

Floyd is a fine number 4 starter.

I agree with you on Santiago over Quintana though. I like Santiago's stuff more and I wonder if Quintana can do it again now that everyone will have a book out on him.
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