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Originally Posted by gosox41 View Post
Better call the teal police:

I think Rick Hahn should be fired. Instead of making moves to make die hard Sox fans happy, he isn't doing anything at all. I mean c'mon. Let's make moves just for the sake of making moves. Every other MLB team is turning over their rosters weekly. I think he needs to make moves, because it's clear that being 100 days away from opening day and 50+ adys away from spring training, time is running out.


Agree we should be patient. If teams want a starter, I'm sure they'd pay a guy like Lohse a slight premium in FA than trade quality assets for Floyd.

Same thing with the outfielders - when guys like Jason Bay, Cody Ross and Nick Swisher are signing in FA, nobody's beating a path to our door to give us quality for DeAza and/or Viciedo.

Gotta wait until the FA pool dries up a bit more and teams get more desperate to bring in players via trade.

But I do agree that Hahn should be criticized if the Sox are standing pat with what we have now. There's no way to know if that's the case...