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Thanks for all the memories,AJ!

I am in the group that is pissed that Sox did not jump on a one year deal opportunity with him 7 million and he sticks.
I thought he had his best overall year last year between hitting for power and average,driving in runs,and throwing out runners.
And now is the time to pass on him for a one year deal? Ridiculous.

Maybe some pitchers did not like throwing to him,but the Sox need his offense. Their offense flat sucked yet again,last year,as far as high average hitters...and one of the better ones just waltzed away at a discount for lefty power hitters who hit for average and drive in runs.

I was ready for AJ to be gone after 2011 but he came back with a huge year. He will be missed off a team that cannot score runs.
As has been said, they are evidently still trying to make a run next year,and we are going with a hapless Flowers ? Sorry, I hope he gets better offensively,but I have no faith...swings and misses way too much.

Good luck to AJ down in Texas. We will always have 2005!

PS: Hawk is gonna be on the Score at 3PM...this should be priceless.

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