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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This really pisses me off, I figured AJ was going to get PAID this offseason and it would have made sense for the Sox to let him walk. The idea of giving a mid-30s catcher with the kind of miles AJ has on the odometer a fat 3-year deal didn't appeal to me so if that's what he got, I would have been OK with this. But 1-year, $7 M? The Sox couldn't have figured out a way too come up with that? What a crock of ****.

Thanks for the memories, Anthony John. Sorry our front office apparently lowballed you. You deserved better.
Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Add my voice the chorus that:

Appreciates AJ's contributions to this team;

Resents that the Sox refused to match the Rangers' offer; and

Hopes he returns to the team in some capacity someday, perhaps as a broadcaster or coach.
I couldn't agree more with either of you.

What annoys the hell out of me regarding this is that now we have to look forward to an extra 150 strikeouts in our lineup. Sure, Flowers will probably pop 15-20 home runs next season, but he's not exactly what you would call clutch and will probably bat around .215 or .220. Blah!!!

We're down to one player left from '05 - Konerko. With 2013 being the last year of his deal, and with him turning 37 this March, it could be Paulie's last go-around with the Sox (or in baseball).

to all of this!
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