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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
. The fact that people, supposed "fans" of the Sox still think the team needs to "market" it to us is ****ing pathetic.
Well, that's the reality of the situation. Nobody questions that the diehard fans like most if not all of the people on this board do their part and attend as many games as we can, and some of us even often bring non-fans and groups to the park to try and disparage the misconstrued notion that Sox games are somehow lesser then ones at the Urinal on the North Side.

But to fill the park, there needs to be a real marketing effort, and similarly an investment in what's on the field.

The Sox took a bold step to change the pricing/ticketing structure this offseason, but that alone won't fill the park with the borderline or fringe fans who don't usually go, there needs to be an effort to attract those fans.

Last year was a perfect case in point. They marketed Robin and "Appreciate the Game", not marketed the game-day experience or a star player or two that some less involved fans would want to see. Us die-hards will go the park, the fringe fans aren't spending their limited entertainment dollars to "Appreciate the Game"...

The Cubs market better than us, and that's sad, since their park pretty much markets itself.