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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Exactly, and I would have been perfectly fine with the Sox letting AJ walk if teams like Texas, the Yankees, etc. all got in a bidding war and he ended up signing some ridiculous 3-year deal that would have clearly been a huge risk going past 2013. I had no problem the Sox let Buehrle go because as much as it stinks to watch Mark pitch in another uniform, it would have bee worse watching him pitch for the Sox at $20 M a season for 2015 and 2016. But for AJ, it's embarrassing enough they let him walk for 1-year before you even consider the disrespectful, slap in the face offer they supposedly made to him...

Ah, it's OK, OK... last day before Christmas Break for me. First off-season for Hahn. Maybe he's got something up his sleeve that I don't see yet. Man, I hope so. It's not even that I don't think Flowers can't be a serviceable MLB catcher, I think he can, it's just this cheap ass bull**** is aggrevating.
Pretty much.

The fact that they would offer one a mere $4m to one of this era's most reliable catchers, coming off of his best offensive season, after eight seasons of service is pretty sad. There must be something else there.
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