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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This really pisses me off, I figured AJ was going to get PAID this offseason and it would have made sense for the Sox to let him walk. The idea of giving a mid-30s catcher with the kind of miles AJ has on the odometer a fat 3-year deal didn't appeal to me so if that's what he got, I would have been OK with this. But 1-year, $7 M? The Sox couldn't have figured out a way too come up with that? What a crock of ****.

Thanks for the memories, Anthony John. Sorry our front office apparently lowballed you. You deserved better.
I agree 100 %. This team's ownership/management is wearing extremely thin with me. Things like this with AJ and Buehrle which would be no brainers with most intelligent and winning ballclubs is beyond ridiculous imo.
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