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Default White Sox 2013 game times revealed...

Very few weekday games (after last year when it seemed like there were more than usual), with the major exception of the opening series...

Sox open at 3:05 against the Royals on Monday the 1st, then play 1:10 games on the Wednesday and Thursday.

Why would they do this? I would easily take a personal day for the sake of Opening Day (I've never gone), but it's the Monday immediately following my spring break so I can't. I thought "oh well, I'll just go to the first night game then," but apparently that's not in the cards, either. They must not be expecting much attendance in those Wednesday and Thursday games.

After that, the weekday games are...
Wednesday April 24th vs the Indians
Thursday July 4th vs the Orioles
Thursday July 25th vs the Tigers
Thursday August 14th vs the Tigers

Other notable game times--Saturdays are almost all 3pm or 6pm, though the first Saturday (April 6th) is noon, and April 20th is 2pm. Strange.

PS--anyone else planning on going to either of the exhibition games at Miller Park on March 29th or 30th? I'm planning on the 30th, especially since I can't make the opening series now. I wonder what ticket prices will be like for those.
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