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Default What is YOUR go-to Sox cap?

I tend to wear Sox caps a lot during the season. What is YOUR Sox cap of choice?

For years I had an old beat-up adjustable one (it looks a lot like the President's).

Back in '09 I bought one of these and wore it constantly:

The only problem was that somehow it faded into a navy blue. Quickly. So, after this past season ended I decided it was time for a new cap. was running a "buy one cap, get one 50% off" last week so I ordered one of the authentic New Era caps as well as this throwback. Since it's ALREADY blue I don't have to worry about this one fading in the same way...:

My authentic New Era one is a little big (need to send back for a smaller size; [New Era must have really inconsistent sizes because I have a Giants cap that's the same size but much tighter on the my head]) and I also find that they tend to fit non-big leaguers' heads funny, so the above cap will probably end up being my go-to.
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