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I will go to my 1-2 games at US Cellular per year whether the team is contending or not. If they are contending, the number might go up by 1 or 2, but that is really all I have time for with the wife and kids and all. Going to a baseball game in person is a wonderful experience for me. I even love going to ballparks where the Sox are not playing to watch a game. I've probably been to half of the current MLB ballparks and a handful that are not around anymore.

If the Sox are contending, I will listen/watch every game that I can from start to finish. I will follow games that I can't watch or listen to online. If I am at a social function where I can't follow the game, I will be sure to check the box score the first chance I get.

If the Sox are not contending, I'll probably still check the box scores and follow some games online. I'll watch a few innings whenever I can, but I won't set aside time to watch the game from start to finish.
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