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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
A bit of speculation on Dayan is interesting, but iffy.

IMO, the Sox thinking on Viciedo's future should be if Viciedo can replace Konerko's bat in 2 years. Right now, it doesn't look good.

Konerko's first full season:
.294/ .352 /.511 with 24 HR, 81 RBI, 68 K

Viciedo's first full season:
.255/ .300 / .444 with 25 HR, 78 RBI, 120K

There has to be a question if Viciedo will ever hit for average and keep the K's to a managable level.

To me, his upside is like Dunn, without the plethora of walks and with Alexei's free swinging. Not sure if that kind of player is a cornerstone guy, especially considering what Boras is going to want 2-3-4 years from now.
I'm not really sure why our LF's success has to solely be based on the success of our old 1B, who was one of the best hitters in baseball for a pretty long time.

Regarding the stats, you're comparing two totally different hitters, in totally different scenarios in thei personal life.

You have to take in to account all the adjustments Viciedo has to take on in a foreign country while trying to only focus on improving his game. He is going to progress slower if he didn't come over here as a polished product. He was pretty far from it, and has made progress a lot quicker than I thought would. He also has been bounced around the diamond a lot, which creates more disctractions for a hitter.

Konerko, on the other hand, was an extremely talented and polished hitter drafted in the first round out of high school, and immediately began making an impact. All he had to worry about was what to do with his signing bonus. He could concentrate on nothing, but baseball.

Konerko was rated in the top 50 prospects all four years before making it to the majors. He was the number two prospect in all of baseball before getting promoted to the major leagues. In his first 80 games, he hit worse than Viciedo ever has in the majors. So he even struggled a bit when everyone was absolutely positive he would immediately start raking in the majors.

I honestly believe, just from a little more experience, Viciedo will naturally raise his AVG, and BBs while lowering his strikeouts. He will learn how to hit better, trust me. His pitch recognition and the ability to hold off on a bad pitch will improve dramatically. Not really sure how you can compare him to Dunn. That doesn't really make any sense. He's never going to be a big BB guy, he is never going to strike out anywhere near 200 in a season. He has a short, lightening quick swing. His average during his rookie season where he was only 22 years old was .255. His total career average is .263. It is very silly not to expect that to improve. He doesn't have anywhere close to a Dunn type approach, his numbers just were not that great because he is still unpolished.