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Originally Posted by central44 View Post
I just look at this division and the size of the market, and really don't think the Sox have any excuse to be losing. If they were losing as part of a rebuilding process, it would be fun to follow the young players as they progress from year to year.

But when they go "All in" and play terrible, uninspired baseball or are handing the division to Detroit on a silver platter after being in first all season? No way do I find that enjoyable at all. I have no shame in tuning out an underperforming team.

Or for instance in a 2009 situation where they went cheap in a lot of areas and never seemed serious about rebuilding OR contending. I won't get invested in that, either.
Since Kenny took over, I don't think there has been a year where we even remotely attempted to rebuild. There were some years the plan didn't work, like 2007 and 2009.

So it's been Pre-2000 since we've had to see that. In those years it was fun to go to the park, but obviously a fans level of involvement with the team couldn't be as high as in season where we at least try to win.

Seems a stilted question, along the lines of "what's a successful season" as there were tons of arguments about on this board in the past.
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