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Originally Posted by PalehosePlanet View Post
Contraire what? Zach Greinke being overrated means Sanchez is a top of the rotation starter?

Also, Sanchez is overrated, not underrated. Ever since his hot start in his rookie year, baseball people have been talking about his potential ad nauseum. The truth is that since his rookie year he's been 38-48 w/an ERA of over 4.00. That, btw, translates to about 4.5 in the AL -- or if going by his last 3 year avg. about 4.25.

Greinke, btw, although overrated, is way better than Sanchez in every single aspect of pitching. Despite the fact that MLB Network ran that cute little peripheral 3 year stat comparison, without accounting for variables (stadiums, leagues, etc...) they mean close to nothing.
I never said he was top of the rotation, he is a major risk considering his injury history just like Hamilton is . I just think he is better than people think, and Greinke is not near as good as people think . Comparing contracts, Sanchez is not overpaid.
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