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Originally Posted by DoItForDanPasqua View Post
It's difficult to rank someone who did not play for many years as with Shoeless Joe. One cannot assume he will play at the same level and simply fill in the blanks. This is unfortunate for players who got injured (Al Rosen), those who fought in wars (Virgil Trucks), and those who got into trouble (Jackson). Still, during his 12 years, he complied the third highest batting average of all time and was definitely one of the great hitters of the deadball era. He belongs in the top 100.
I agree, it's too bad he didn't get to play longer or at least started earlier. The Philadelphia A's would have been a force if he never got homesick during his first few years.

I always thought those WW2 players should get more consideration for the hof. Cecil Travis, Mickey Vernon, Johnny Pesky in my opinion should already be in. I always thought Cecil Travis and his case for the Hall of Fame was interesting yet he's completly forgotten to the veterans commitee.
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