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Originally Posted by canOcorn View Post
I wish the Cubs would have signed him, but it's a massive overpay because he was arguably the 2nd best pitcher on the market. Ilitch doesn't give a damn how me he spends right now and Greinke set the market, even though that was a massive overpay. Floyd should be looking good to everyone else right now since he's only owed money 1 more year, didn't pitch in a monster ballpark (old park included) and in the NL.

I understand that owners are raking in the cash with the new revenue streams (and new TV deals), but $16M a year to Anibal freaking Sanchez is absurd.
When Zack Greinke gets $25M/year, I don't think Sanchez at $16M per is that absurd. And perhaps neither of them are considering multibillion TV deals.

Originally Posted by Oblong View Post
As an observer of his when he came to the Tigers I can tell you the comes across as a bulldog.

3 of his first 4 starts with the Tigers were bad. They skipped a start and he settled down. Lights out in the playoffs. I'm happy with it. I don't think it'll be a bad contract. in 5 years $16 million will be like $9 million today.
He's a good pitcher and I like him... when he's healthy. He's been durable the last few seasons, but we'll see if he can hold that up for 5 seasons. Of that I remain skeptical. That's where the risk is here.
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