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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Why not stop at 2005? I just needed a random 5-year sample which I think pretty definitely proved my point.
Or you picked a good window to make an argument.

(busts bolded)

1. Andruw Jones, of, Braves
2. Paul Wilson, rhp, Mets injury
3. Ruben Rivera, of, Yankees
4. Darin Erstad, of, Angels
5. Alan Benes, rhp, Cardinals

1. Andruw Jones, of, Braves
2. Vladimir Guerrero, of, Expos
3. Kerry Wood, rhp, Cubs
4. Matt White, rhp, Devil Rays
5. Travis Lee, 1b, Diamondbacks

1. Ben Grieve, of, Athletics
2. Paul Konerko, 1b/3b, Dodgers
3. Adrian Beltre, 3b, Dodgers
4. Kerry Wood, rhp, Cubs
5. Aramis Ramirez, 3b, Pirates

1. J.D. Drew, of, Cardinals
2. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals
3. Eric Chavez, 3b, Athletics
4. Bruce Chen, lhp, Braves
5. Brad Penny, rhp, Diamondbacks

1. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals
2. Pat Burrell, 1b/of, Phillies
3. Corey Patterson, of, Cubs
4. Vernon Wells, of, Blue Jays
5. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees

1. Delmon Young, of, Devil Rays
2. Justin Upton, ss, Diamondbacks
3. Brandon Wood, ss, Angels
4. Jeremy Hermida, of, Marlins

5. Stephen Drew, ss, Diamondbacks

1. Daisuke Matsuzaka, rhp, Red Sox
2. Alex Gordon, 3b, Royals
3. Delmon Young, of, Devil
4. Philip Hughes, rhp, Yankees
5. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds

1. Jay Bruce of, Reds
2. Evan Longoria 3b, Rays
3. Joba Chamberlain rhp, Yankees
4. Clay Buchholz rhp, Red Sox
5. Colby Rasmus of, Cardinals

1. Matt Wieters, c, Orioles
2. David Price, lhp, Rays
3. Colby Rasmus, of, Cardinals
4. Tommy Hanson, rhp, Braves
5. Jason Heyward, of, Braves

1. Jason Heyward, of, Braves
2. Stephen Strasburg, rhp, Nationals
3. Mike Stanton, of, Marlins
4. Jesus Montero, c, Yankees potential bust
5. Brian Matusz, lhp, Orioles

I will take my chances with guys rated that high when the return doesn't put my squad over the top.
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