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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
The other point that has always frustrated me is that there is no fair process for relocation / seat improvement. I have mentionened this to my rep, and in every survey that I have taken etc etc. In the past I would have first year STH's sitting in better locations than me. I was told "that doesn't really happen".

Yes it really, really does.
Try contacting Tom Sheridan. He was my rep way back when I 1st became a ST holder and was awesome. And you are correct, it really does matter who your rep is to whether you get good/bad service. Since Tom, I've had really, really good relationships with the reps, except for one. I went to Tom and got a new rep. I've received free comps on any unused tickets to any game, ability to purchase 1 game tickets to Scout and Jim Beam/Gold Coast seats, ability to buy group tickets without a two game minimum, ect. The reps really have a lot of leeway to help you, but it's up to them. Now maybe I have some "*" next to my account because of the early relationship with Sheridan, but I know other holders that get the same service without my past history.
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