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Originally Posted by JohnTucker0814 View Post
Did you just see what Cleveland got for Choo?

I'm thinking we should be able to get something for a Rios/Thornton combo...
I'm not sure Rios has Choo's value, considering Choo makes less than half Rios' salary and puts up comparable numbers with the exception that Choo is good for 70-80 walks a season while Rios walks less than Viciedo. Add Thornton to the mix you are talking about unloading 18 million dollars a year.

Look at season by season OPS comparisons, starting at 2008:
Choo: .946, .883, .885, .733, .815
Rios: .798, .691, .791, .613, .850

Choo's .733 came in a season he spent twelve weeks on multiple trips to DL. No way Rios would get near the return Choo would command.
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