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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
To say that the talent has produced 'absolutely squat' is really not true. They've graduated a bunch of position players (I'll add Salvador Perez to those mentioned earlier), but they made this trade because their pitching hasn't produced anyone good yet (besides Greinke). This trade may pay off for them, but Shields is signed only through 2014. I question why a team like them who are limited in payroll will be paying Ervin Santana and Jeremy Guthrie $20 million in 2013.

I think this was another good article looking at the trade:
This bolded point is why the trade is a bad one and will get Moore fired over time. He didn't believe that anyone would want to play for his team, so he went ahead and used his payroll space on questionable entities. It's a poor attitude to show, and it keeps bad teams in the cellar. Teams like KC and Pittsburgh would be better off using their money for quality FAs that FIT, even with an overpay. Agree with it or not, the message is clear.

Nobody was out in demand for Santana and Guthrie. He needlessly boxed himself into a corner, and had to part with a prospect that quite likely will provide value at the major league level.

His ceiling is unknown, but I doubt that Myers will be a scrub. His slash line projects to a decent hitter with below average defense. That's just the lowest benchmark. I mean, hell, Mark Reynolds got a contract a few days ago.

Tampa is one of the best run franchises in the game. If they didn't think he could play, I doubt that they would have pursued him.
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