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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
I hope this proves to be correct although I asked about this with a good source a few minutes ago. They said they simply can't see it happening because, "A.J. would be very, very, very, very miserable..." (direct quote)

They feel he's going to Texas.

I picked up hints from this individual in the past who knows A.J. well that he likes Chicago, the Sox organization and the fans but he really, really wants a monster payday for his final contract...that he doesn't just want a 'good' contract. If that's true, that's probably out of the Sox range...but we'll see.

I just don't know that anyone is going to give him that huge contract he seeks. We've talked a lot here on WSI about A.J. being a 35-year-old catcher, and we've talked a lot about how he's unlikely to duplicate his 2012 production. We all know giving him a monster deal would be a huge gamble for any club, and if we know it, baseball people surely know it, too.

I wouldn't be stunned if the market for A.J. is so slim that he ends up back in the Sox range. I also won't be stunned if one team (like Texas or New York) decides they are desperate enough and gives him the big contract he desires.

This really could go either way. I do know the Sox won't overpay, nor should they.
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