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Originally Posted by shes View Post
I seriously question Moore's motives in making this deal.
Probably because he's watched top prospect after top prospect come through the Royals system and basically produce nothing at the MLB level. He's probably tired of people lauding over his farm system while winning 70 games a season in Kansas City. They've played it safe and conservative for years and literally the best they have to show for it is a 3rd place finish in 2012. They have a young, emerging lineup. There is plenty of growth for the offense with the young guys they have in place now. And it's not like they've just emptied the cupboard. They still have plenty of pieces coming through the pipes. They dealt from a position of strength to bolster a position of weakness.

I mean, if you believe hoarding prospects is the eventual path to winning baseball that's fine, I don't neccessarily agree with you but I respect that point of view, but to say you can't fathom what the Royals are up to after spinning their wheels for a decade, well, that, IMO, is crazy talk.

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