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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh please, before Myers it was Hosmer. Before Hosmer it was Moustakas. Before Moustakas it was Gordon. Only Gordon is even an average MLB player at this point. This is a bad move only on the day you get a trophy for having the world's best farm system. As long as MLB production is the name of the game, KC made a nice move. They have plenty of young, up and coming position players. They desperately needed pitching. They play in a division that only requires 85-90 wins. They're a real threat in the Central now.
Gordon has actually become one of the best outfielders in the AL over the last two seasons and Moustakas did pretty well for his first full season in 2012. Among AL third basemen, only Beltre and Cabrera were clearly better. If you're including the NL, you can add Freese, Headley, Wright, Zimmerman, and A. Ramirez. He was about on par with Alvarez, H. Ramirez, Lawrie, and Seager. So at best he was the eighth best player at his position and at worst the 12th.

Only Hosmer is a bust at this point (and he's still young enough to turn it around). Gordon is near-elite, a perennial fringe All-Star, and Moustakas is already a slightly better than average third basemen with huge potential.

But anyway, Myers is a better prospect than any of those guys, and what they got in return for him + several good prospects is underwhelming at best. Top prospects often bust, true, but #1-type hitting prospects rarely do; at worst they become solid every-day players. It's quite rare for a Wil Myers to become a Todd Van Poppel.

I can't believe this is the best they could get for that package. And if it was, I can't believe they pulled the trigger. It just doesn't make sense to mortgage a future that included a blue-chip position player for what most likely will amount to no more than a couple 85 win seasons. I'd understand it if they were closer to truly contending than they are, but we're talking about a team with huge holes on both offense and defense that just chose to plug one hole while opening up another.

I found the write-up at THT to be quite good -- -- it's actually very even-handed and takes a kinder stance toward the Royals move than most.
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