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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Yes, but the point I was trying to make is that Revere is better than De Aza.
At this moment, De Aza is a better player. He pretty much does everything Revere does but hits for way more power. Gotta give an edge to Revere in speed and defense however, it's not like De Aza is a slouch in those two categories. Upside and youth go to Revere but if you are asking who is the better player right now, it is definitely De Aza. Also, the original point of my post was to counter the Twins fan who said Revere was the "best young talent in the midwest". Last season, Revere was only the 3rd best young CF in the AL Central and 4th best CF overall.

De Aza 2012 Stats:
.281 avg
9 HRs
50 RBI
29 Doubles
6 Triples
26 Stolen Bases
147 Hits
81 Runs scored
.760 OPS

Ben Revere 2012 Stats:
.294 avg
0 HRs
32 RBI
13 Doubles
6 Triples
40 Stolen Bases
150 Hits
70 Runs scored
.675 OPS
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