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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
No, I'm basing it on what I've seen from both players. I agree that Keppinger doesn't have a lot of range, and I think that shows up more at 2B than 3B. I wouldn't want him to play in the middle infield as any more than a fill-in.

I think Keppinger will be OK at 3B. No Gold Glove in his future or anything like that, but he's better than some of the bums who have played the position for the Sox in the past.

2B is more of a fundamental position, with lots of short range throws and receptions. Range is nice there but not the expectation (it's further from home plate than third and hot smashes generally come only from lefties). Range and a strong arm are the two most important parts of 3B. You have to cover a lot of ground really fast and then fire across the diamond 120 feet.

I don't think Keppinger will be okay at 3B. Or rather, I don't think our pitching staff will be okay with Keppinger at 3rd base for 100+ games.

It should be noted that 2B is the position Keppinger has played the most, and he's actually good at it.
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