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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post,5116520.story

Start printing those World Series tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only the Sox had gotten him first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two offseasons ago, when the White Sox needed a right fielder with Rios slated for center, I posted that I believed the White Sox would have been a better team if they had acquired Schierholtz instead of signing Dunn. I still believe that. Schierholtz is an elite defensive right fielder and I think he is a better hitter than Dunn (alghough the list of major leaguers who are better hitters than Dunn is a long one). I think Schierholtz would have improved the team offensively as well as defensively. You wouldn't have needed to sign a DH (and the White Sox signed oine who couldn't hit very well) because they would have been able to move Quentin to DH. Quentin would have been a better DH than Dunn. Quentin would have had an easier time staying in the lineup if he hadn't been exposed in the field. The White Sox also would have had more payroll flexibility, the lack of which is still affecting the team today. With Rios playing right very well and hitting well, and the White Sox having signed Dunn and given away Quentin, who would have been a more productive DH, there would be no reason for hte White Sox to sign Schierholtz.

I wish you would have paid attention to my argument instead of belittling me.

The Giants traded Schierholtz to the Phillies last year because they wanted Hunter Pence, just as they traded their best pitching proaspect for a few weeks of Carlos Beltran the year before. Pence turned out to have problems in right field in San Francisco and didn't hit much. The Giants, however, benefited from Scutaro going on a tear after he came to San Francisco, making up for the lack of production from Pence, who is under contract with the Giants for next year.
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