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Default Jerry Reinsdorf Comments on 2013 Payroll

Found these comments buried in this story on

"White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf pointed out Tuesday night that the White Sox payroll for 2012 was higher than what has been reported. While the payroll at the start of the season was $97.7 million, by the end of the season the total figure had risen to $109 million, Reinsdorf said."

"When asked if the payroll would be at that level again in 2013, Reinsdorf said that it would be at least that much. The White Sox currently have $89.95 million committed to 10 players but still have a little more room to work when factoring in Gordon Beckham and Alejandro De Aza's arbitration and the rest of the roster."

So maybe there's some money to bring in some bats after all.
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