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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
2nd worse Sox unis after Veecks of 1976 through 1981.
I don't need to see them again.
Through the 50s and 60s we had one of the best uniforms in MLB, after that it was revolving uniforms until we finally got it right again in 1991.
At the time, I liked the 1983 uniforms primarily because they replaced the pajama uniforms which were the laughing stock of the league. 1983 was also a fun season with the new free agent signings and first division championship so I have good memories of the uniforms.

I remember submitting a couple ideas during the uniform contest. One was a slight alteration to the 1976-1982 uniforms that got rid of the collars, tucked the shirts in, however kept the colors and block SOX caps. The other submission was using the classic SOX script logo that is on the current uniforms, however I had dark navy pinstripes with red trim on the logo to sort of match the dark navy/red look they had in the "White Sox" script uniforms from the late 80s. That was a fun contest.
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