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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
If you had looked at the earlier posts you would see that I have and I also pointed out that above A ball he has has struck out twice as often as he has walked. His OBP in AAA is .358, a very nice OBP but right up there with Josh Fields' .382 OBP in AAA and Jerry Owens' .355 OBP in AAA.

My point is you can't put a lot of stock in a guys numbers in the minors because he is going to face a lot of garbage pitchers and can cover his mistakes against those guys, especially in a hitter friendly park like the one in Charlotte. Flowers' numbers indicate he is going to strike out far more often than he walks and that was against a lot of garbage pitching too. Imagine how he will do against major league pitching.
I think the minor league stats can show warning signs, though. If you strike out a lot and have no power against that pitching, even with a decent obp, you're likely to struggle in the majors. I guess I'm agreeing with you.
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