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There is room for a few fixes. I think we're all OK with the job DeAza has done last year, though my only question about him is if he hits leadoff or #2 going forward.

If Youk is gone, that leaves a gaping hole in the 2 spot, and it seems that it would be more cost effective to get an average speed/on-base guy to lead off (with DeAza at #2) than it would be to get an above-average contact hitter with some speed and a little pop. I've mentioned Polanco and Keppinger as lower cost alternatives for 3B/#2 in other posts, but I'd hope for someone younger and better going down the road.

Dunn seems to do better in #3, leave him there. Pretty doubtful that he's moved, but it would solve a ton of issues.

Paul at #4 and Rios at #5 are set for another year.

Alexei at #6 could be a good trade chip, especially if the Sox think Carlos Sanchez is ready.

#7-9 Viciedo, Flowers and Beckham are the prime trade chips. If the Sox can improve run production (not just a few homers and little else) in the lower half of the order, that would make a big difference. I doubt Flowers will be given a full-time role unless he can hit better, and has a better chance of being moved than sticking as a full-time regular.

Would love A.J. to come back and plug a hole for a year, but that doesn't sound too likely right now.

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