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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Fair point that I don't necessarily disagree with, but not all extensions are created equally. Surely Sale and his agent know the possibility for catastrophic injury exist so whose to say they wouldn't sign an extension that's relatively team-friendly? Considering everyone basically agrees the guys arm could explode at any given moment, maybe the idea of securing his financial future for life outweighs the potential megabucks he could earn in free agency if he wait another 4 seasons. That's approximately 128 starts he's got to navigate.

I would also consider it because the Sox so frequently have to combat the perception they are "cheap." Not great PR to cut a guy with this kind of talent over dollars and cents. But again, it would have to be for the right price. I'm certainly not interested in paying Sale #1 SP market rate for 6+ seasons. That would probably be a bad investment.
I think the biggest problem is that unless injury happens sooner, someone is gonna give him those 6 years. I'm sure his agent knows that. I wouldn't bank on being able to simply tack a few years on. Not after he just had a Cy Young quality year. Might be more worthwhile to take the draft pick.
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