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Originally Posted by ChiSoxFann View Post
Agreed that this year's sale was very disappointing and I was extremely surprised at how large the line was this morning. Past clubhouse sales were less crowded and had better variety of merchandise by far. My guess is they want you to go to the Sports Depot across the street to buy current player merchandise rather than just leave shirts and stuff in their lockers.

Baccardi's was very understaffed today too. I tried it for the first time and the food was very good, but they only had two people working the bar and table area when I went in. I felt bad for the guy and gave him a good tip since they were doing their best.
I hang at Bacardi when I can and the staffing can be a problem. They usually don't get that many customers so they staff the bar the way the Sox staff a weekday afternoon game. They should have at least expected a larger crowd for this day. Great place otherwise IMO.
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