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I don't see how Bacardi could have been surprised by the extra business. It was promoting the holiday sale and its discounted appetizers on social media for the past week.

The Sox do a tremendous job with their charity. It's hard to fault them in this area. However, the prices for some items are just too much for a fan sale like this. After driving to the park and waiting in line, I think it's reasonable to expect some kind of deal on pricing. You can find a Fisk statue cheaper on eBay than the $25 price at the sale. Bobbleheads for $20 apiece weren't exactly a deal either. Even the chest-protector backpacks at $10 apiece I found to be a bit much for what they are. Many, if not most, autographed balls were smudged and, with big ID/price stickers on them, were pretty worthless. Yet they were priced higher than market value even if they were in perfect condition.

What's worse are the "game-issued" jerseys being sold at "game-used" prices. The Sox have never really distinguished the difference between the two. It's fine if you know how to tell the difference, but many fans don't. I feel sorry for someone who enthusiastically buys a Buehrle or Vizquel jersey for $1,000 and then tries to sell the jersey down the line and finds the jersey is only worth maybe $200 because it's only game-issued.

I'm not sure why so many people turned out for this sale. Perhaps the effects of social media? In any case, I doubt many will return next year after yesterday's experience.
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