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Willie Mays was linked by second and third hand information to the "red juice" later in his career. Watching him play for the Mets was as close to heartbreaking as it gets. He was just a shadow of his former self. His major accuser was John Milner who was a teammate of his on the Mets. I have no knowledge of Aaron being linked to anything. Look at the physique of Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Clemente, Robinson, et al and then compare before and afters of Bonds, Sosa and McGwire. I stand by my previous post so we can agree to disagree.
Mantle's case, though, raises an interesting point. Mickey "Hey, You Usin' That Liver?" Mantle would have used stimulants in an effort to counter the effect of a lifestyle that otherwise would have worn them down. Many ballplayers seem to have been using stimulants, not to gain an edge, but to play at a level at which they would have been able to comptee if they had focused on baseball and not partied hard. For some players the use of stimulants enchanced their performance less than a healthier lifestyle would have. And, ultimately, a healtier lifestyle allows players to get more out of their talents.
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