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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Amphetamine use can definitely give one a short term performance and energy boost. Over time it has the exact opposite affect. The literature is out there if you are curious. Long term amphetamine use is devastating to the mind and body. Not nearly the same thing as the designer PED's out there today. It's like comparing an abacus to a modern day super computer.
I don't agree with that analogy at all. In a game where a hitter will be at the plate for about 5 minutes and swing a bat for about 5 seconds I think a short term boost is huge. Also, cheating is still cheating.

Interesting on the long term effects though, didn't know that. What sort of time frame are you talking here? I look at guys like Aaron and Mays and they seem fine today, although I'm sure like anything else each person reacts differently to using drugs.
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