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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
The announcers, players and coaches tell us this every freaking year. TBS and ESPN's opening lines to their initial playoff broadcasts will usually reiterate this. "It's time for the postseason, where we begin anew!" "It's time to find who is the best in Major League Baseball!"


Are you ****ing kidding me? You're trying to prove your point with the wit and wisdom of people like Chris Berman, Skip Bayless, and Tim McCarver? This is seriously a joke right? I must be on Candid Message Board at this point, no?

What POSSIBLE reason could talking chuckleheads who draw their paychecks from media outlets who sell ad time during broadcasts have to church up the World Series into something that it's not? Hmmmmmmmmm... What's your next brilliant argument going to be, the ShamWow is the best towel ever AND I TOTALLY KNOW THIS because Vince, the guy who sells them on TV at 3 AM, told me it's true!!!

You dare question MY fanhood and then when pressed for your own opinion, you take the sides of ESPN and TNT? Give. Me. A. ****ing. Break.

Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Detroit was the best team in the American League at the end of the season. This should have been obvious to anyone who watched them destroy the Yankees. They weren't lucky. They were better. The Yankees regular season record and how it was achieved was irrelevant. That is why you have a playoff system. Baseball's postseason is better than any other playoff system there is.

My NCAA point is an extrapolation of your logical argument. The point is to get to the tournament, except it's not a matter of achievement, but often a ridiculous matter of opinion. And then you face a single elimination tournament. Even if you made it more legitimate by limiting the tournament to winners of conference tournaments, it would still be single elimination. And you no matter how good your division is, you can't play in MLB championship tournament if you are the fifth best team in your division. By contrast, the College World Series is the best method of determining an NCAA champion despite recent concessions.

If you are going to complain that the World Series is a joke, you could at least be consistent and condemn all major sports champships. Otherwise, you're just triggering the language filter without a consistent argument.

The baseball postseason isn't perfect, but it is better at determining an overall champion than any other major team sport.
I'm not even going to bother arguing over what playoff system is better or worse because you've demonstrated plenty of times on these forums a proud ignorance of pretty much every other major sport so to sit here and try to make any argument would be a complete waste of both of our time. Needless to say, I disagree with your assessment that baseball's play-off system is the best among the major sports at determing which team was the season's best. I personally can't imagine how anyone who calls themselves a baseball fan could not be insulted to see a team like the Tigers, who were under .500 until July, who qualified for the postseason based purely on the luck of geography (luckily for the Tigers, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac founded Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit in Michigan and not say, in Buffalo, NY where the Tigers would have surely ended up in the AL East and they would have finished a dismal 4th place) can come within a breath of the World Title. It absolutely enrages me that the playoff system is set up so that the games I watch from April to September, that I live and die with every night are rendered completely and utterly meaningless by such a sham system that rewards complete and utter mediocrity. This is not what baseball is supposed to be about. It's not what made the game great a generation ago. It only exists to line the owners' pockets with faux-drama fueled TV revenue at the cost of the historic integrity of the game.

The irony is that the original point of this thread was to determine why the World Series has lost so much of it's luster, why don't kids sneak radios into their bedrooms and hang on the call of every pitch, why don't all Americans gather round their TVs and watch any more??? You know why? Because Americans aren't a bunch of stupid, gullible morons. They're smart enough to see that Bud and the owners are trying to sell them prime rib (THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF BASE BALL!!!) but it's really just a polished turd (here's a sack of **** team that had a losing record to the Indians).

You also seem to think my argument is born of some kind of sore loser mentality? I thought my dislike and genuine disgust over the Tigers' playoff run was pretty evident, but apparently I need to simplify it even more... I AM HAPPY THE GIANTS WON. They were the better team. You think I'm mad now, that we had a sham AL pennant winner? Bad enough Detroit snuck out of Oakland and then got to play a decimated and exhausted Yankees team, but to win the World Series? They would have been the biggest frauds since the Cardinals in 2006. I'm very content that San Francisco won. My anger is only born from the fact that MLB basically stuck a giant middle finger out to any fan who fancies to pay attention to the season for more than 4 weeks in October.

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