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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Your core hypothesis is basically ridiculous, but I had to pull this nugget of complete absurdity out. How is the baseball system any less of a joke than the Div 1 basketball playoff? How can you, on one hand, defend the MLB season and it's playoff system by stating "the goal is to get to the postseason" and then attack Div 1. basketball when the exact same parameters are here. If the goal is simply to get to the tournament, what difference does it make if that teams finishes 3rd or 4th in conference but plays well in the NCAA Tournament? It's absolutely no more ludicrous than defending a **** team like Detroit, who would have been realistically eliminated from the playoffs in 5 of the 6 divisions, backs into the playoffs, catches a hot streak and suddenly their representing the league as its champion? ****ing ridiculous.

Your argument is so utterly fradulent and self-serving. The fact that you can cherry pick "bla bla bla wins from the regular season that contradict my argument are irrelevant" but "dur dur dur wins in the playoffs that support my argument... TOTALLY relevant." The Tigers were a better team than the Yankees (and probably the A's, too) for precisely 1 week. Bully for them it just happened to be the week they got to play them in the playoffs. Does that make them automatically better? No, it just makes them lucky bastards.

This is the same kind of ****ty arguments my brother pulls from his Cub-fan blogs and emails to me so we can laugh at them together.
Detroit was the best team in the American League at the end of the season. This should have been obvious to anyone who watched them destroy the Yankees. They weren't lucky. They were better. The Yankees regular season record and how it was achieved was irrelevant. That is why you have a playoff system. Baseball's postseason is better than any other playoff system there is.

My NCAA point is an extrapolation of your logical argument. The point is to get to the tournament, except it's not a matter of achievement, but often a ridiculous matter of opinion. And then you face a single elimination tournament. Even if you made it more legitimate by limiting the tournament to winners of conference tournaments, it would still be single elimination. And you no matter how good your division is, you can't play in MLB championship tournament if you are the fifth best team in your division. By contrast, the College World Series is the best method of determining an NCAA champion despite recent concessions.

If you are going to complain that the World Series is a joke, you could at least be consistent and condemn all major sports champships. Otherwise, you're just triggering the language filter without a consistent argument.

The baseball postseason isn't perfect, but it is better at determining an overall champion than any other major team sport.
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