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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
But when you watched the World Series, you saw the better team win and win easily, not because they were lucky, but because they played superior baseball. Arguing otherwise reeks of denial.
Who is making the argument the Giants weren't better than the Tigers? The argument is whether or not the Tigers were an appopriate representative of the American League in the World Series, which I would assume anyone who paid any attention to the AL all season long would know they were not. They were a ****ing miserable team for most of the year who were lucky enough to play in such a miserably bad division that they weren't essentially eliminated by August. They finished #7 in wins in the AL but spent the majority of the season around #8 or #9. They were essentially a second division AL team for almost the entire season who happened to get moderately hot at the end of the year and win their pathetically bad divison and displacing two far better entrants to the postseason (TBR and LAA) on the pure luck of geography. Bully for them.

And yes, they got lucky that baseball's new, even more watered down play-off system meant better teams in better divisions, like the Yankees and Rangers, had to exhaust themselves in wild divisional chases while a miserable underachieving **** team like the Tigers gets to sneak in to the playoffs and run those teams over because they spent essentially 5 1/2 months not having to try. The system itself is flawed in choosing a champion, the Tigers were better than the Yankees for 1 week in the middle of October, but for basically April-September, the Yankees were clearly the better team. Clearly. If you had actually paid attention to the season as it progressed, you'd have clearly seen this.

If the Rangers slapped around the Brewers in the World Series, nobody would be trying to paint broad outcomes of that, as everyone would be in agreement that the Rangers were a good AL team for most of the year while the Brewers were terrible to awful. It'd be expected.

If the Giants played a good AL team and beat them, that would be something to note. Beating a team that had no business in the postseason? Meh. Good for the Giants, they deserved to win, but hardly qualifies as anything extraordinary.

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