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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
What's wrong with you, man? "just baseball games"? Luck?

You're obviously just a casual fan. You'll need to immerse yourself in the sport in order to understand.

If there is a such thing as luck (and I know that many of my fellow Chicagoans here were raised by the mantra that there's no such thing as luck, or you make your own), then it goes both ways and balances itself out, leaving talent as the deciding factor.

Follow the sport intently, then get back to me in a coupla years. You won't be saying "just baseball games" or "luck" anymore.
There is very little luck over the course of a 162-game season. The individual variances over the course of a game get ironed out over a 6-month marathon so the cream generally rises to the top.

But yeah, in a 7-game series, luck is a huge factor, if for nothing else the way you're able to line your pitchers up. But in the game play, what's the difference between a HR and a weak pop out to RF? We're talking millimeters on the bat or milliseconds, distances and times essentially imperceivable to the human eye. In terms of the actual gameplay, yes, there is a lot of luck in baseball.

You can rally your bull**** "rah rah" winners make their own luck! buzzword garbage all you like, I suspect at this point you're just goofing around because there is absolutely no way anyone could have watched the American League in 2012 and at any point of the year declared the inept, underperforming Tigers the legitimate team to represent the league in the championship series. They were awful for most of the season, barely finished in the top half of the league, and really, only did so because they play in such a god damn awful division that somebody had to be the least bad in.

So no, the idea that the World Series in which the AL was represented by a horrendously mediocre Detroit team that barely had any business being in the postseason at all paints a picture representative for the league as a whole is a completely asinine opinion. I'd be willing to give the Series more credibility if it truly was a champion vs. champion affair, but the watered down playoffs have made that all but impossible. I honestly can't think of the last time the World Series was really a matchup of the league's two best teams. 1998?

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