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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I'm looking forward to the new movie with Harrison Ford although after viewing the trailer I have my doubts on it. I wish Hollywood wouldn't make movies about players like Ruth, Cobb and hopefully not the Jackie Robinson (42) movie so one sided. I'm curious on which players they will call out for being racist and the whole PeeWee Reese hug never happened but I guarantee they will have that in the movie. I think the movie will end up being a recruitment type of movie to try and get younger African Americans involved in baseball again.
I think there is overwhelming evidence that it did in fact happen. Jackie even mentioned it happening in an article written around 1953. There is some question as to when it happened. The folklore would say it occurred in Cincinnati in 1947 but Robinson and others recall it happening in Boston in 1948. There is SOME evidence for it happening in 1947 though. This is a good article about it:

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