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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah, the 3rd best team in the NL beating the 7th best team in the AL in a 7-game series basically proves nothing, but hell if people want to believe the NL is even near the AL, it is their right as an American to be completely wrong.

I mean, for arguments sake, if the Sox got to play in the NL how many games would they have won this season? 100? 110? 120? I'm being conservative.
You are being ridiculous. The White Sox had a .500 record against NL teams in 2012. So maybe they would have won only 81 games had they played in the NL. That is without considering what impact the lack of a DH would have on the White Sox offense. For that matter, only half of the AL teams this year had a winning record against the AL in 2012.

Your argument only works in the vacuum of rhetoric and it falls apart when you consider the implication that the the best team in the AL would have been able to handle the third best team in the NL. The best team in AL, according to the standards that define the Tigers as the seventh best in the league, was totally outclassed by the Tigers in the ALCS, which was totally outclassed by the Giants in the World Series.

The baseball postseason isn't just a tournament, the results of which you can dismiss if the results run counter to your prejudices. You watched the World Series, no doubt, and you saw that the Tigers were totally outclassed by a team that looked a heck of a lot better. Two years ago the Giants totally outclassed the Rangers. Just as seven years ago the White Sox totally outclassed the Astros.

To make the assumption that the NL is the lessor league because the AL held the edge in interleague play ignores the fact that the interleague games were played before the All-Star break with teams playing wildly different interleague schedules. The best teams grow as the season progresses, even the wire-to-wire championsip teams. Interleague play for the Giants ended with the A's hitting a game-ending two-out, two-strike three-run homer against a closer who wasn't closing when the Giants season ended with Miguel Cabrera looking at strike three.

The AL probably is (was, when it had just 14 teams) the overall the better league. The bottom teams in the AL in 2012 were better than the bottom teams in the NL. The difference between the top and bottom teams in the AL wasn't as great, and I think the AL had more balance. I think that was apparent in the division races. The NL races weren't close. While the AL races were still undecided in the last couple of weeks, everything in the NL was decided but for the second wild card.

But I thought all of the teams that made the NL postseason were clearly better than all of the teams that made the AL postseason.
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