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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Greatest trades in Sox history:
Sox get Nellie Fox from Philadelphia A's for Joe Tipton.
Sox get Billy Pierce from Tigers for Aaron Robinson.
Sox get Paulie from Reds for Mike Cameron.
Sox get Ozzie from Padres for LaMarr Hoyt.
Sox get Shoeless Joe from the Indians for a couple of no names and 31,000 dollars.
Sox get Pete Ward, Hoyt Wilhelm, Ron Hansen and Dave Nicholson for Luis Aparicio and Al Smith.
The Dick Allen trade gets honorable mention because he only spent 3 years with us.
Not a trade but signing Carlton Fisk in 1981 as a free agent was huge.

Thome trade is not even close.
I would add the following trade:

Sox get Jose Valentin and Cal Eldred from the Brewers for Jaime Navarro and John Snyder.
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