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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
By adding oWAR and dWAR you are putting the two statistics on the same level of credibility, which everyone agrees is not justified, and consequently the WAR number is no more credible than dWAR. So by taking WAR seriously you are throwing out all of your reservations about defensive stats relative to offensive. Them fancy number things are misleading to worthless.
It is possible to simultaneously be wary of stat's usefulness while at the same time, still believe it has some merit. Sabremetric defensive stats, while not perfect, are still unquestionably the best defensive stats out there. So while I don't take dWAR, WAR, or even oWAR for that matter, as 100% gospel all the time, it doesn't mean they're "misleading to worthless." You simply have to understand and contextualize the information you have and move on with it. To throw the whole the whole thing out because you're afraid of the 3rd grade level math that goes into developing them is silly.

It's no different than looking at 2 players; say Player A had 100 RBIs this year and Player B had 90. Manufacturing runs is the name of the business right? But you'd be foolish to automatically say Player A is better than Player B, even though he was 10% better at helping his team score runs based on this one, single stat. Nobody in their right mind would put all their chips in one basket. Just like nobody, ever, in the history of the world has ever said the WAR, dWAR, or oWAR are tell-all, be-all inclusive stats and everything else can be ignored. They're good because of what they measure and, in the case of dWAR, light years better than traditional fielding stats, but there's a lot they leave out so it takes a little understanding how to use them correctly. So you can either take the... 10 seconds required to understand them and have an educated opinion on them, or you can go the TDog route and hold your breath, throw a tantrum, and hope that all those dang kids with their dang spreadsheets who are 20-30 years younger than you will, I don't know, die of carpal tunnel syndrome and you won't have to be bothered with it any more.


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