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Originally Posted by soxnut1018 View Post
You don't even need to use WAR. Just look at their offensive statistics (avg, obp, slg) and then factor in that Trout is far superior on defense and on the basepaths. This really isn't hard. Trout also played in a worse hitter's ballpark and in a tougher division. Trout was better in 2012, but I'm just happy we've finally evolved enough as a baseball world to where this is even debated.
I did.

Is it that big a runaway? I think that eventually all the awards will be made on the basis of WAR or a combination of saber stats. I also don't think that will be a good thing. It is not possible for me to go into this in greater detail without crossing the line into forbidden territory. I just do not wish to cede all decision making to the bean counters of the world. Anyway, Trout and Cabrera both had great years and I would love to have Trout on the Sox. If I had the power to pick one player in MLB for the Sox it would probably be him.
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