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I LOVE the MLB BP Caps.

I have a huge noggin and they're really the only caps that fit me right without making me look like a huge mushroom-headed freak.

I have several different types and styles of BP caps from all different teams.

With that said, the last couple styles (the "ear fenders" from a couple of seasons ago and the most recent ones with the weird misplaced piping on the bill of the caps and around the MLB logo on the back) weren't as nice as the initial ones that came out (The year the Sox had the ones with the silver bill)

Hopefully MLB wises up and goes back to something more conservative and contemporary for the new BP caps (as long as they use the same material they've been using I'll be happy)

As a sidenote, the $10 BP cap sale only lasts until 11/22 so jump on it now before they sell out or the sale's over.
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