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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
When is the last time a trade got voided by the commish? In all seriousness, people pay hundreds of millions of dollars to own these teams. They should have the right to do with them what they will. If the league has a problem beyond the traded players (such as Florida taking advantage of taxpayer dollars for the stadium) then they can move forward with trying to remove the owner/force to sell.

Owners answer to the fans. If the fans do not like a move, they will not show up. But its a real pandora's box to start veto'ing trades because one side won. Such a bad idea.

The ONLY time a trade should be veto'd is if 2 owners were colluding/conspiring together.
I don't think it's a question about who won the trade. Honestly, Miami may have won the trade in the long run. They received some good young players.

My problem with the trade is that Miami just sent $160 million dollars of debt, based on my quick math, to the Blue Jays. This was the same problem I had with the Red Sox/Dodgers trade last year when Boston sent something like $250 million of debt to the Dodgers.

There are a lot of consequences to transactions as big as this. I had more of a problem with the Dodgers trade because Selig helped bail out McCourt last year, but the principle is the same.
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